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I’m Abs, Let Me Tell You Why I Created This Site, How I’m Gonna Help You Take Full Control of Your Life, Stop Doing What You Hate and Start Experiencing Your Wildest Dreams…WITHOUT Ever Selling a Single Thing.

Hi guys, my name is Abdullah Ashraf, but you can call me “Abs”. I’m the guy behind selfadmire.com. I know you’re already wondering, why “self admire”? Well — as a company that provides courses, books and free content about self-improvement as well as ways to accelerate your wealth through passive income strategies, we could think of no better phrase to express what the bedrock of success is than self-confidence, also known as “self-admiration”.

We wanted to get to the bottom of “why” some people have it all; money, friends, time, success… and some don’t. It’s not just a matter of privilege (although it doesn’t hurt to be born with your name already signed onto the deed of your grandparents’ summer mansion… I knew a guy).

There are plenty of examples of individuals who started from nothing, who aren’t your “run of the mill privileged Paul” with an Ivy League degree and zero student debt. Here, let me name some:

  • Oprah Winfrey: Possibly the most popular example of rags to riches. Oprah was born into a poor family in rural Mississippi facing traumas throughout childhood and neglectful parents. She earned a scholarship to Tennessee State and after moving to Chicago to work for a radio station she got recognized for her mad journalist skills and well…you know the rest of the story. 
  • J.K. Rowling: Another woman climbing up the ranks! Rowling is famously known for writing her first Harry Potter book in a London cafe with her baby carriage beside her. She was a single mom living penny-to-penny. She couldn’t even work in her house because the city cut off her heat. That’s how poor she was and now look at her.
  • Shahid Khan: This guy moved from the Middle East to America by himself as a teenager when he won a scholarship to the University of Illinois. He worked as a dishwasher for only $1.20 per hour. Now he’s a multi-millionaire and the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

These people weren’t “born” into their wealth and success. They worked hard for it and moreover, they believed they could have it and that’s what we at selfadmire.com aim to instil in our readers. 

About Abdullah

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Hey, it’s me Abs at the zoo!

Why am I SO passionate about helping people realize their potential that I went and created a whole website about it?! Well, I come from a long line of self-doubters. 

Growing up, my parents basically “sentenced” me to go to college even though I told them I wanted to be an “online entrepreneur”, not even really sure yet what that was.

Inspired by the hyped-up sales videos I saw around the web, I knew I wanted more out of my life. I was ready to start living and earning passive income. I heard of other people doing it and I knew it was a possibility for me. I ignored my intuition and ended up going to college for 1 year and then dropping out. You might call this hasty — I call it a wake-up call.

I knew I didn’t belong in an institution and although having a degree would give me a leg up in the workforce, I knew I didn’t want to be someone’s employee. I had learned a lot about internet marketing through videos, blogs and courses that I’d consumed all throughout high-school.

In my first year of college, I had my greatest financial breakthrough and decided that college is no longer for me. I knew I had a real knack for designing unconventional marketing strategies and creating passive income streams.

Without much work, I found myself a client still under development at the time and worked with them to tenfold their investment upon launch. They brought in 10 million dollars the following year, thanks to a great team (plug: including myself).

So then I thought…”Hey…I could do this for myself”. So I launched my first own online business pursuing a strategy a particular man once taught me. This resulted in $170k USD the following year. Don’t believe me? Here’s proof:

All of this income came to me effortlessly. I didn’t have to “sell anything,” I didn’t have to make any phone calls. I didn’t have to work really, I just chose the right kind of content to feature on my news site and the rest just took care of itself. It was all about taking advantage of Google Adsense using the techniques I’ve learned over the years.

Google allowed me to drop out!

I was building passive income streams quick now, better yet, growing real assets that would later be worth multiple five-figures and I wasn’t even trying that hard.

I couldn’t believe it. My belief in myself as well as all the work and resources I put into learning about internet marketing was paying off — literally paying off. All I had to do was invest more money (that I was essentially financed) and watch the profits increase. 

Big disclaimer: The statement I made above is entirely true, but goes back to 2015. Things could be different then, and this statement would not be true for many. Through constant research, studying and fast implementation we are able to design secure websites that provide great value to their users and provide great income to our businesses.

 It felt kind of weird, to be honest. I heard my parents’ voices echoing in the back of my mind “You must work for your money! Nothing comes easy in this life!”. I don’t know about you, but this seemed pretty dang easy to me.

I later found out, a website I built about alternative cancer cures reached about 50,000,000 people over the course of a year.

That alone was enough to make me forget about school for good and let me focus on how I can become the teacher and help people build their own passive income websites. I have shared this model with tens of thousands of individuals over the past couple of years (verified users, it could have been leaked with more).

I wanted to show people that you don’t HAVE to spend all day, tied to your computer, talking to people on the phone and shipping out products to make money online. 

I’ve heard of people creating their own courses and ebooks online so I thought, what the hell… I’ll try it. So I made a 46-lessons online course on how to build a passive income stream through news sites. After 3 years of teaching this model, I have managed to garner over 10,000 customers and I’m not even 21 yet.

That’s the success I like, and the type you’ve been looking for.

You might be thinking “that’s nice, but that was all luck”. I can assure you, I didn’t get to this place based on luck. It was a combination of work and believing I could do it. I would love nothing more than for YOU, my friend reader, to experience the little but huge success I’ve experienced in such a short period of time.

I used to call myself an internet marketer but I’m not that anymore. I’m a servant to anyone that struggled like me. If you’ve got till here, I’m a servant to you. I truly believe that it’s my life’s purpose to help others achieve their ideal life. Like Zig Ziglar says: “You can have everything you want in life if you just help enough other people get what they want”. 

What You Will Find On SelfAdmire.com:

In these pages are inspiration, success stories and life hacks that will help you eradicate financial stress, start living the life you desire and grow to be great within this world. We’ll go through everything from the best foods to fuel your brain and body, to the best travel spots to put on your bucket list to direct, no b.s. Marketing strategies to help you get your new news-site off the ground!

This site is meant to be your daily dose of inspiration, your guide, your…cheerleader as you make your way through this, what should be for everyone, awesome adventure we call life.

Remember, it all starts with your inner confidence. Your belief in yourself. Your self-admiration. Without that — without that seed of belief (even if it’s smaller than a poppy seed) you will never have the courage to take action and make a change. We earn as much as we think we deserve. Be that “valuable” player in your industry and you will be rewarded in endless dividends. 

I’m so excited to provide a huge library of free, inspirational content on SelfAdmire.com. With this content, you’ll get a huge head-start on your new life and hopefully take my advice like thousands have, to go ahead and passively build your own digital assets to start living the life you truly desire!