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The 9 Best Productivity Apps to Help You Grow Like Never Before


Productivity apps help you increase your ROTI i.e. return on time invested. They help you stay laser-focused on your activities during the day and get more things done in a shorter amount of time.

With cell phones, social media, music, and games, our attention spans have become shorter than ever, and it has become even more difficult to stay on task. While there are plenty of productivity apps available in the market, not every one of them lives up to their promise.

For this particular reason, we have conducted extensive researches and made the necessary comparisons to find the productivity apps that can help you optimize and automate everyday processes.

If you are pressed for time and small tasks always get in your way of doing something more purposeful and meaningful with your life, we are here to help you boost your productivity like never before. Here is a mini-guide to the best productivity apps available in the market to help you get started:

1. Todoist

Todoist is a to-do list app that has helped countless individuals take back control of their lives. This cloud-based service syncs all your notes and tasks automatically to the device you use the app on. You can also sync your data manually if you are using Todoist offline. Available on multiple major platforms including Apple Watch, Android Wear, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, this app comes packed with amazing features.

The light and simple interface of Todoist offers easy and convenient usage. Learning how to use the core functionalities of this app such as creating tasks, scheduling due dates, and adding comments are quite simple. You can also add reminders to tasks and get email notifications, push notifications, SMS alerts, and location-based reminders.

Todoist allows you to collaborate with other users. Whether you need to tag-team a project or share a grocery list with someone, this app can help. With a Premium Todoist account, you can track your executed tasks and receive small productivity reports. These reports are modified daily. Lastly, Todoist offers a wide range of integrations and plugins that allow you to easily add tasks to your list from a different app such as Outlook, Gmail, etc.

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2. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an online calendar that is free of cost and allows you to keep track of the important events in your life, and share them with your friends, family, and even co-workers. It lets you send invitations, set reminders, and also keep track of RSVPs. The app can be accessed as well as updated by anyone who is authorized to do so.

The Google Calendar is extremely easy-to-use and doesn’t require you to follow any specific instructions from a manual. All you need to have is a Google account to access it and all you need to do is click on the date you want to add an event to and get started. You can view your calendar by month, week, or day, depending on your personal preference. If you don’t have access to the internet, you can access a read-only version of the Calendar.

Google Calendar is available as an app for Android and iPhone phones. You can also sync this app with Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook, and similar programs. You can toggle the weather icon according to your location and change the starting day of the week as per your liking. This reliable, easy-to-use and, most importantly, a free app is definitely worth a try!

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3.     CloudApp

CloudApp is an American software solution that provides video capture and cloud-based screen software applications. It offers the much-desired feature of screen recording and covers almost all of its aspects, including conference and video calls, online streaming videos, and much more. This end-to-end video recording program allows you to take screenshots, create GIF animations using videos, store data on the cloud, record your screen, etc.

Being one of the best productivity apps, CloudApp allows you to share files with ease and convenience. You can upload files of any size, type, and format, and make them accessible to other users by converting them into links and sharing those links with your collaborators. Additionally, these links are password protected; therefore, they can be viewed only by a restricted audience.

CloudApp offers integration with several other software services and applications. You can integrate it with Drift, GitHub, WordPress and ZohoDesk, Intercom, Olark, Freshdesk, and more. CloudApps offers multiple pricing packages; free, pro, team, and business. The free package enables you to create 15-second long GIFs, as well as create and share videos and annotate screenshots. You can get access to total storage of 2 GB with CloudApps’s free plan, 1 TB with the pro plan, 4 GB / link/day with the team plan, and 40 GB / link/day with the business plan.

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4.     Trello

This project management tool is specially designed to help team members keep track of their projects and collaborate in a better manner. Their unique freemium model enables users to work with a limited number of cards, lists, and boards. Trello offers 3 different pricing packages; Trello Gold, Trello Business Class, and Trello Enterprise.

The Gold package enables users to access additional features such as three power-ups per board, premium stickers, customized backgrounds, saved searches and 250 MB attachments. The Business Class package includes features such as an unlimited number of power-ups per board and more along with the features offered in the Gold package.  Lastly, the Enterprise plan is for companies with more extensive and complex requirements.

You can create an account on Trello for free on their site or through Google accounts. Companies that are interested in purchasing Trello’s paid plan need to contact their sales team directly. The app’s knowledge base includes a wide range of articles that are sorted by topic. Additionally, the Trello community can access Trello’s Getting Started guide and training webinar in order to learn more about the productivity app.

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5.     Slack

Developed by Slack Technologies, Slack is a proprietary cloud-based instant messaging platform, and one of the best productivity apps available in the market. The user interface is quite smooth and slick, and the casual playfulness in the design promotes simpler and easier communication. While this app provides priority support to its paying customers it also offers quite an efficient experience to users of the free version.

Slack permits several third-party integrations and covers multiple workplace staples including Asana, Zendesk, Trello, Google Drive, and many more. This messaging app does an exceptional job of being a collaboration and productivity tool stand-in. It allows you to add your personal Emoji and the integrated Speak.io enables voice chat. Moreover, integration with Giphy allows you to share funny GIFs to make your laugh-worthy moments more memorable!

You can customize the notifications according to your personal preference. You can fine-tune notifications to only receive an alert if someone sends you a private message or when someone mentions a specific keyword. Slack allows you to virtually upload any file type and it’s up to you to decide if you want to share a particular file with multiple users or just one. Lastly, with the search feature, you can search archives, messages and even files such as uploaded PDFs or word documents.

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6.     Hootsuite

This social media management platform offers a 30-days free trial period for its Pro pricing plan as well as a free plan. With the former, you can try out various premium features and understand how this manager actually functions. The Hootsuite mobile app is available for Android and iOS phones. With the app directory of Hootsuite, you get access to an enormous library of applications that allow you to greatly improve your social media management strategies and marketing prowess.

With Hootsuite, you can efficiently manage multiple YouTube accounts from the dashboard provided. You can also schedule your video postings to your profiles on social networks. Hootsuite offers a custom stream search where you can find videos that are relevant to your niche. Not only does this app enable you to learn social media marketing tactics but it also offers free online courses and certifications.

This productivity app offers you the ability to compose and post messages to any social media profile via the Hootsuite dashboard. You can also add the RSS feed of your blog and auto-share your latest blog posts. Lastly, you get a free-add on for Chrome called Hootlet that allows you to post content to your social media channels from anywhere on the Web.

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7.     Toggl

Toggl is one of the simplest cloud-based time-tracking tools in the market. The tool has apps for Android and iOS phones. All you need to do is simply start the app to start tracking your time for a particular project and press stop when you are done. It works in both the 24-hour and 12-hour clock formats. It allows you to delete entries you no longer need.

If you don’t want your time to be tracked in real-time, you can always manually add the time. This app records every website and program viewed for a time period of more than 10 seconds. This gives you access to a comprehensive view of the online platforms you spend your time most and least on. With this information, you can allocate and schedule your time in a much better manner.

The ‘Tags’ feature available on the app allows you to add comments whenever you want. The ‘Idle Detection’ feature notifies you of the time you spent away from your computer. Keeping or deleting this idle entry is your choice. Toggle also keeps track of the time you spend offline. Lastly, the ‘Pomodoro timer’ feature reminds you to take the much-needed breaks in between and get up for a breather.

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8.     HelloSign

HelloSign is an electronic signature tool that lets users sign, fill out, sends, saves, and retrieve documents. This desktop and mobile app allows you to upload documents using a simple and easy-to-use drag and drop interface. You can simply affix signatures to documents that are retrieved from multiple different sources that include emails and third-party applications such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box.com, SkyDrive, and Evernote.

This program is extremely straightforward and doesn’t involve any complex processes. All you need to do is create or upload a signature, insert the signature on a document, select a recipient, and send the document forward. The benefits of this program include Acceleration of processing of applications, quick approval of orders, and quick finalization of deals. You can also welcome new hires without any delays, enjoy an extensive set of useful business class features, benefit from data security and tight banking standards, and have Google business applications integrated and agreements implemented at a rapid pace.

HelloSign offers extraordinary features that include templates, API, branding, team management tools, in-person signing, flexible workflows, bank-level security, and email and phone support. Additionally, you get to benefit from third-party integrations (One Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, and Box), Google integrations, audit trail, status notifications, and two-factor authentication.

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Our Final Thoughts

Individuals who own a startup business are constantly looking for easy ways to implement tasks at a faster pace and in a better manner. If you are one of those progressing entrepreneurs, the best productivity apps in the market might just be your solution to grow in the industry like never before. Make sure that you select a tool from the aforementioned options that fulfil all your time-management requirements and helps you and your business thrive! Remember- you’ve got this!

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